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Transport Management System (TMS) of RODUD

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Live tracking with status updates

Efficiently Monitor Shipments in Real-time

Effortlessly monitor your cargo's journey from pickup to drop-off, empowering you with actionable insights and streamlined operations. With our advanced tracking technology, managing your logistics has never been more efficient or straightforward.
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Know when you're cargo has been picked-up
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Real-time Tracking enroute
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24/7 support until your cargo is delivered
Real-time Shipment Tracking by RODUD Transport Management System
Add a Supplier from Rodud Transport Management System
Effortless management

Seamlessly Manage all your Suppliers in one-screen

With our comprehensive supplier management system, overseeing your supplier interactions has never been more efficient or straightforward. Effortlessly manage all your suppliers in one place, and experience enhanced client relationships.
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Add your supplier to broadcast all your orders
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Track your supplier’s performance
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Manage your order history sorted by suppliers
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Simplify Your Logistics

Let us handle the Logistics.
So that you can focus on Growth.

Discover the wide range of features we provide, keeping all 3 parties, i.e. businesses, carriers, and drivers in focus.
Multiple Trips RODUD TMS
Multiple trips
booking in one click
Multiple Load Types Rodud TMS
Multiple load
types to transport
Live Tracking Shipments
tracking of your load
Find Truck Drivers Nearby
Find experienced
drivers nearby
Manage Clients Settings
Manage all your
clients in one place
Dashboard for Transport Management System
Dashboard for
your logistics KPIs
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Automatic waybill
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Easily manage past
orders in history

“We believe that the success of the company depends on the success of the supplier.”

Features that'll save
your precious time

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Create Multiple Shipments from one place

Effortlessly create multiple shipments with just one click, streamlining your logistics process and saving valuable time. Our system enables you to manage and dispatch multiple orders simultaneously, ensuring a seamless and efficient operation.
Create Multiple Shipments from One Platform using RODUD Transport Management System (TMS)
Auto-generate Waybill for all your shipments through RODUD's Transport Management System (TMS)
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Auto-generate Waybill to instantly get your load on the way

Instantly get your load on the way with our auto-generate waybill feature. This advanced tool automatically creates accurate waybills for your shipments, expediting the process and eliminating manual errors. With just a few clicks, your load is prepared for dispatch, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey from start to finish.
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Share your Shipment's Progress with Tracking ID

Keep your clients informed by sharing your shipment's progress with a Tracking ID. Our system generates a unique tracking ID for each shipment, allowing real-time updates on the journey of their goods. This transparency not only enhances customer satisfaction but also builds trust and reliability in your service.
Unique Tracking ID created by RODUD Transport Management System (TMS) to track shipments
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Real-time tracking of the Cargo
Flexible agreements
Cargo insurance
Get trucks at a lower price
Deferred payment
24/7 customer service


Real-time tracking of the Cargo
Flexible agreements
Cargo insurance
Get trucks at a lower price
Deferred payment
24/7 customer service


Real-time tracking of the Cargo
Flexible agreements
Cargo insurance
Get trucks at a lower price
Deferred payment
24/7 customer service

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