Flexibility and effectiveness of organization of your logistics operations

Integrated solutions for factories and transport companies. Flexibility and effectiveness of organization are the basis for success in logistics operations.





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إدارة كاملة لكل مايتعلق بالرحلات

تتبع لحظي للرحلات

إضافة اكثر من شاحنة

إصدار بوليصة فورية


إدارة سهلة ومرنة للموظفين

إضافة الموظفين بكل سهولة

منح صلاحيات محددة أو مفتوحة

إمكانية تعديل الصلاحيات بسهولة حسب المتغيرات

Make it Simple.

Make it Great

إبدا رحلتك الآن في تنظيم فعال ومرن لعملياتك اللوجستية

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ابدأ الآن

Complete management of everything related to trips

The possibility of requesting multiple trips to different destinations

Real-time tracking of trips

Allocate appropriate trucks according to the type and weight of the load

Complete flexibility in issuing and customizing policies

Easy and flexible employee management

Add employees

Granting specific or open powers

The ability to easily modify permissions according to variables

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Integrated logistics management for transportation companies

An integrated system for managing logistics operations from receiving trip requests to delivery

Track flights  in real time

Easily assign drivers for trips

Directing orders to other shipping companies when needed

Providing a comprehensive summary of trips

Comprehensive driver management

Add drivers and enter their basic data

Add vehicle data associated with each driver

Add drivers' diaries easily and efficiently

Assign request acceptance powers to each driver

Follow up  for drivers with active requests

جرب الآن

Improving logistics operations management

Complete flexibility in issuing and customizing policies

A comprehensive summary of completed and ongoing orders

Facilitating collections and billing processes

Issuing official transport documents for trips

Electronic wallet

Start your journey now in effectively and flexible organization of your logistics operations

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